ENDLESS SUMMER - new bodysuits, dresses + crop top

We're hiring a Marketing and Inventory Assistant! We’re scaling quickly and are building the team.

 As a young and ever-changing company, responsibilities and tasks will vary greatly, and we need someone who is a creative thinker, is comfortable with some chaos, can work independently, is a clear communicator and is quick on their feet (literally and figuratively).

 If you want a predictable workday without surprises, then this IS NOT the job for you. If you want a workplace that challenges you, excites you, and encourages you to take risks, then I want to hear from you!

 A little backstory:

I’m Mallory Ottariano and I started this business when I was 22, in my parents’ basement with a $100 sewing machine. I was motivated to create fun and colorful technical apparel, because I wasn’t finding beautiful things I wanted to wear in the mountains! I have a lot of drive and motivation and I move quickly - I’ll need you to as well.

 This is an entry level position, with the opportunity to grow as Kind Apparel grows.
10-15 hrs/week with flexibility.
$12/hr with a 90-day trial period for both of us.

What you’ll be helping with:

  •             Inventory management – counting, sorting, tagging, bagging
  •             Order fulfillment
  •             Basic marketing assistance – writing, social media,
  •             Daily operations
  •             Customer service – digitally facing, and occasional selling at events

The ideal candidate will have:

Drive, flexibility, compassion, efficiency, strong digital skills, strong problem-solving skills, a love of the outdoors, a desire to learn.

Head to Instagram (@kindapparelco) & the 'Our Story' page, to learn more about me and Kind Apparel. Then, send a video (imperfections make us real – have fun and be natural!) about yourself and why you think we’ll work well together, to mallory@shopkindapparel.com

Please include your phone number so I can call you for an interview.

Deadline for ‘applications’ is April 24th.