WONDERLAND - a new summer collection just dropped


for your neutral friend

for your neutral friend

not everyone loves prints and bright colors as much as we do, so here are some fun things for someone who might not love personal displays of colorful affection.

FOCUS TOP from Youer - this simple black top is cozy, goes with everything and is made in Missoula!

FERAL BABE SOCIETY MUG from Simka Sol - from slow fashion brand Simka Sol, this mug features the brands incredible artwork and a great message and branding

WILDCAT SOCK from Imogene and Willie - this tall sock has vintage collegiate vibes and is made in the USA from American cotton

POSTCARD CALENDAR from Anna Brones - this gorgeous art calendar doubles as mail you can send to your friends at the end of each month. 

TREVOR PROJECT BEANIE from Project Paulie - this fun beanie from Boston-based Project Paulie has a bigger cause - feeding people and contributing proceeds to organizations with social missions. This beanie benefits the Trevor Project - a suicide prevention line for the LGBTQ+ community.

CHUBBY COFFEE SCOOP from Honeysuckle and Mud - a hand carved coffee scoop for morning rituals. Honeysuckle and Mud also has spoon carving kits and materials!

gifts for Cold Girl Winter

gifts for Cold Girl Winter

We all know a gal who's always cold, heck maybe it's you! It's definitely us, so here are some of our fave things to keep toasty. 

APEX HAT from Youer - we love a fleecey colorful hat, and this one has a snap-off-able pompom that gives you two hats in one. 

TORRID BOOTIES from Enlightened Equipment - not much is better than insulated booties for cold feet! Wear these around your house, on a ski trip, or standing at your desk at work. 

CLASSIC MITTENS from Give'r - the name says it all. classic, wax-sealed leather mitts that look great, last long and come from the mountains of Jackson Hole. 

PYRO FADE BLANKET from Rumpl - a packable synthethic down blanket that you can wrap yourself in anywhere. 

MUSHROOM TRAVEL MUG from Buttons Bones - this handmade ceramic travel mug keeps your drink warm and provides the tactile experience of wrapping your hands around a warm drink.

gifts for kitchen dwellers

gifts for kitchen dwellers

TRANSFORM BODYSUIT from Youer - this sleek, comfy and no-fuss outfit means you can focus your efforts on testing new things in the kitchen without worrying about your pants falling down. 

SWEDISH KÅSA from Light My Fire - the Scandinavian design of this scoop-like bowl delivers an elevated outdoor eating experience and is BPA free! Perfect for camping trips or backyard dining. 

TARTINE - A CLASSIC REVISISTED from your local bookseller - This baking book from classic bakery Tartine features gorgeous photography alongside delicious recipes. Shop local or ask your bookseller to order for you!

RISE & SHINE PUZZLE from Piecework - breakfast in puzzle form can be enjoyed forever. Sparkly strawberries and bedazzled bagels make for a great pastime while waiting for dishes to make. 

KNIVES STAND from Material - magnetic knife storage that's sculpturally beautiful. 

BOW BREAD KNIFE from NH Bowl & Board - this is going to seriously level up anyone's bread game. It slices perfectly sized slices with ease and doesn't crunch your loaves. 

for the Mountain Mama on your list

for the Mountain Mama on your list

5 days of Gift Guides going strong!

Today is all about the Mountain Mamas in your life. Here are a few staff picks we think she might like. 

CLIMB ON HOODIE from Youer (us!) - this hoodie is cozy, easy to throw on and go, and a mountain staple. Breathable stretchy sides are key and the prints and colors are rich and gorgeous. 

LUCI SOLAR STRING LIGHTS from Mpowerd - these bring a whole vibe to your car camping setup, a nighttime picnic or anywhere regular string lights can't make it (Olivia from team Youer brings these out for ALL KINDS of random occasions). 

PRO MEMBERSHIP from THE DYRT - this platform is the mecca for all things campsite related. It's a database of info on all the best campsites and places to park whether you're looking for free spots, dispersed camping on public lands or established sites with RV hookups. 

QUICK PACK from Topo Designs - this thing can hold a BOATLOAD of goodies and looks cute while doing it. Wear it as a fanny pack or a cross body and choose from a host of fun color combos.

EVERGREEN EARRINGS from Bezel Jewelry - sterling silver handsawn earrings that are made in Montana! They're simple but make a statement and are totally timeless. 

MOUNTAIN CLOGS from Bedrock - these are the the most unique clogs out there, trust us. They're durable, built for comfort and ready to go offroad (they're not called mountain clogs for nothing). Bedrock, another Missoula business, is known for their versatility and strap adjustment and these are no exception to their exceptional products. 

outdoor memories - the Sports Exchange

outdoor memories - the Sports Exchange

Each year we come up with a general theme that directs our creative work for each launch. It gives us some navigation points for what kind of imagery we want, how we'll style our clothes for the shoots and most importantly what kinds of stories we want to tell. 

This spring, we decided to focus on local businesses in our home city of Missoula Montana, as a way to shine light on the incredible people and stories in our community. 

Our very first launch of Spring 2023 had a product selection with a very retro feel - a vintage outdoor silhouette, and some remixed fits. Internally, we chatted about the significance of early outdoor memories in how they've shaped the ways we spend time outside today. Childhood experiences of family camping trips, maybe a summer camp spent learning how to cook on a campfire and dress for the elements. 

As the team started talking about this, we noted that gear and clothing were such an important piece of these memories for us. We had certain packs that we remembered, a pair of hiking boots from when we were 9 that we loved the purple shoelaces on, and that swooshy L.L. Bean anorak that packed up into itself. 

While you will all go out and create memories in your new pieces  the clothing also has a story of a life before it arrives to you. Clothing and gear with stories and memories. 

And what better place to find clothing and gear with miles and miles of stories to their lives? The Sports Exchange - Missoula's funky outdoor gear consignment shop with layers of treasures, cute shop dogs, a rockin sound system and vibrantly energetic owners.   

So on a bright Friday morning, we gathered some samples and our cameras and headed to the shop to shoot photos of owner Mini Ford (her and her husband Zach own the joint together) and learn what it's like to run The Sports Exchange. Spoiler alert - Mini has a personality that is anything but (mini) and we had an epic time. 

Mini and Zach have owned the Sports Exchange since 2016, Zach used to work their under the previous ownership, and they have TRANSFORMED the space into a menagerie of interconnected treasure troves filled with everything from vintage wool button ups, to backcountry ski equipment, to sleeping bags, to ski onesies and even a colorful collection of wigs. The shop has been in Missoula since 1985 and they're passionate about keeping the dream alive.


Upon walking in, visitors are greeted by the friendly shop dogs who wobble around happily.


And great tunes. The sound system bumps and the playlists deliver - no sleepy news radio, they're serving up dance party. Which is what we got! Mini is a passionate hip hop dancer and entertained us with her talent as we moved throughout the space.


They recently acquired the cozy basement of the building and have set up an exciting maze of ski and snowboard equipment, fishing gear bikes and the "clearance cave" that doubles as a sweet spot to test out skateboards.

Mini says about running the business, "you never get bored. We see a lot of people, hear their adventure stories, see their cool photos - it's fun, it's really exciting!"

"We're a community shop. When you come here you find out it's not just a treasure house. When you spend money here, it goes back to the person who brought in the gear. It's a local thing"

One of Mini's biggest loves is teaching snowboarding in the winters (she RIPS), but she says "anything you see in the store, I do - even if just a little bit".

See Mini in action, in her treasure house over on instagram.