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      How it all started

      I started this journey the day I graduated from college with a $100 sewing machine, running an Etsy shop out of my parents' basement. Since childhood, I've been passionate about expressing my individuality through style and seeking out unique clothing, often making my own. As I grew up and started spending more time outside, I found a huge lack of technical clothing that was also fun to wear. I quickly realized I was not alone.

      Today, I am proud to run a company that produces incredibly unique, boldly colorful wearables, serving gals who get after it. While I'm no longer sewing in my parents' basement, we're still a small company dedicated to intentionally manufacturing quality products that combine function and fashion.

      I'm so grateful for your support that enables me to live this dream, and share it with others! 

      Mallory Ottariano
      Founder, Owner